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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When we arrive on Friday what do we need to do?

Ans:  Everyone will need to check in at the Radisson hotel to receive your welcome package on Friday Sept 9th in the hotel lobby. PLEASE KNOW YOUR CAR NUMBER TO SPEED UP THIS PROCESS AND FOR RECEIVING YOUR CERTIFICATE ON SATURDAY MORNING. Your number has nothing to do with how you line up it is just for logistical purposes. We will have a car wash by donation available Friday also at the Radisson from 2pm to 6pm. Here's wishing you all a safe journey to the event and home.
See you next month!
The schedule of events is still pending on some minor details but it will be posted on our web site as soon as we get it confirmed and a final copy will be in your goodie bag upon check in.

2. How does registration work and and how do we register correctly?
Ans: Registration will begin at 12 midnight CST via our website www.vettesandjets.org on April 1st under the registration page. Each registration must be filled out and signed by the attendee and they must all be mailed in along with payment (check or money order, NO credit cards will be accepted) via USPS, UPS or Fed Ex. All registrations must be filled out and mailed in due to the insurance and legal mumbo jumbo due to the uniqueness of this event. This also ensures a true first come first served basis as mail is received and processed daily in accordance with the time stamp on the letter/package.

3. How and when do we sign up for the dinner/comedy show?
Ans: In order to ensure your spot for the Saturday night dinner/comedy show you can simply add it on during your registration at a fee of $25 per person. This Saturday night dinner event is strictly limited to Corvette registrants due to limited space and it must be understood that it is an ADULT style comedy show. Children under the age of 18 are not recommended to attend.

4. When do we load and unload the Corvettes?
Ans: The loading begins at 5am on Saturday (do not be late, if they get to the end of the line quickly and you are not onboard you can not be loaded later and no refund will be issued) and the unloading begins at 5pm on Sunday. Once your car is loaded there is no way to get it off until Sunday at 5pm. If in the event an emergency arises you will need to leave your keys with someone in your group or with a Vettes and Jets STAFF member so your car can be unloaded.  

5. If we register and then decide not to show up can we get a refund?
Ans: No. You can transfer your registration to another Corvette owner up until 60 days prior to the event. After the 60 day window you can still transfer your registration but there will be no guarantees made for correct t-shirt sizes or registration certificates.

6. If we register and can't make it due to issues, can we still get our t-shirts and goodie items?
Ans: Yes. You can have a club or group member pick up your items but you can not receive the official certificate for being on-board the Lexington.

7. Will you be excepting credit cards for the silent and live auctions?
Ans: Yes, for the silent/live auctions and at the souvenir station located at the bottom of the Lexington boarding ramp. A 2% fee will be added to the total to cover card transactions costs.

8. Will there be a schedule of events?
Ans: Yes. In your goodie bag and on our web site we will have a finalized schedule of events.

9. Will we be able to buy extra t-shirts?
Ans: Yes. On your registration form there will be a space to add extra shirts and we will have some also at the souvenir booth. To ensure you get the sizes you want it is always best to pre order them on the registration form.

10. The stairs were very difficult for us in the past. Is there any way to the flight deck without the use of stairs?
Ans: Yes. The Lexington added a passenger elevator that goes from the hanger deck (entrance area) to the flight deck.

11. Is Friday night the 9th a must be there event?
Ans: No, but it is highly recommended due to the meet/greet and final questions/answers being done at 7pm at the Radisson grand ballroom.

12. Will there be a place to clean our cars?
 Ans: Yes. We will be having a "by donation" car wash and dry on the side of the Radisson hotel. These are not just anyone cleaning your Corvette, these are other Corvette owners/volunteers performing these tasks.

13. We have heard some bad things going on with the WWP. Is everything OK?
Ans: This is complicated, Yes, the WWP will continue on and continues to aid and empower wounded Veterans and their families. They had a few individuals that made some bad choices and created some turmoil. That has been rectified and we MUST continue to push forward by doing our best to show our support of our Veterans.

14. We have always heard in the past that this could be the last Lexington event, but is this truly the LAST event?
Ans: YES!!! Due to the aging of the ship and her elevator it has been determined to allow this one last show with the understanding that it is indeed the final one.

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