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About Us

   In the summer of  2006 Stephen "Maverick" McCravy and Mike Ross came up with the idea to put Corvettes on the flight deck of the USS Lexington to help raise money for charities and to be what we had hoped as one of the greatest shows ever produced. It took many hours of planning, preparation and meetings with the USS Lexington staff to make everything come together as smoothly as possible. We decided on 300 Corvettes for the first time and did not ever imagine that another Vettes and Jets event would be possible. Then we had to decide on where the proceeds would go and after long hours of checking into charities we settled on the USO and the Wounded Warrior Project. The show was attracting national attention and we felt that these 2 charities would be the way to impact the most people. Needless to say the event was a huge success and we were able to raise $30,000 for the charities with $15,000 going to each one. After many more talks with the USS Lexington staff and an overwhelming amount of people and emails urging us to do the event again.

On 04 July 2008 it was decided to try the event again but this time increasing the amount of Corvettes to 325 for September of 2009. This event was a little more difficult as we loaded all of the Corvettes in the pouring down rain, but it was for a great cause and God blessed us with wondeful weather later that day. This time we had decided on switching charities to just one, the Wounded Warrior Project. We wanted to make more of an impact for our wounded Veterans and to let them know how much everyone cared and supported them. This time we were able to raise $32,500 for the WWP.

It did not stop there... In the summer of 2010 we wanted to make the next Vettes and Jets more memorable and special then ever. We knew that the next event would be the 10th anniversary of September 11 so we added a Camaro raffle give away, changed it to a 2 day event, added a Saturday night dance and a live auction. The event was another huge success and we were able to raise $50,000. We had 303 Corvettes loaded on the flight deck for 2013 and 349 Corvette slots sold. It was another great event and we were able to raise $42,000 for the WWP and $25,000 for the USS Lexington!!! Thank you to everyone who came and were a part of this historic event!!!

Now it is time for the next event... September 2016... will you be there???

    At this time the Vettes and Jets  event staff would like thank all of it's past and present volunteers and all Corvette owners that have placed their cars on display. Without all of you this event and fundraiser would not be possible, so from all of us to all of you THANK YOU!!! 

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