Paying back the sacrafice one Veteran at a time

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Everyone will need to check in at the Radisson hotel to receive your welcome package on Friday Sept 9th in the hotel lobby. PLEASE KNOW YOUR CAR NUMBER TO SPEED UP THIS PROCESS AND FOR RECEIVING YOUR CERTIFICATE ON SATURDAY MORNING. Your number has nothing to do with how you line up it is just for logistical purposes. We will have a car wash by donation available Friday also at the Radisson from 2pm to 6pm. Here's wishing you all a safe journey to the event and home.
See you next month!
The schedule of events is still pending on some minor details but it will be posted on our web site as soon as we get it confirmed and a final copy will be in your goodie bag upon check in.
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As Americans... It is our job to take care of those that have put their lives on hold and laid their lives down for our freedoms.

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All money raised goes to help disabled Veterans and their families.

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